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Questions to the developer of this site

This site is produced and maintained by the studio "Web Master" from Dnepropetrovsk.

We strive to make every effort to sites made by us are easy to use, no mistakes and failures. To do this, create websites, we constantly study reviews the quality of visitors to the site of its production. In identifying the typos are not working links or other errors relating to the creation of a site you can send us an Foreman placed bottom of this page or obraschaytitsya the contact information located at: www.web-master.dp.ua/k.htm

Nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement and refinement. In addition, as there are people, so many different flavors. Sites like the one bright and bold, the other vice-versa strong and calm. You always have to find the "sweet spot." On one side of the site should be as easy as possible to the visitor did not get tired of watching it on the other site nebhodimo decorate the visitor to the site receives positive aesthetic emotions. Therefore, we are very grateful to visitors, let us know your opinion about this site. Tell us what else you think you can do on this site to make it better.






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